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Your Privacy

Our Policy

When you buy from us you can be sure that we are not going to send your details onto any third parties. Because the only people who might be willing to pay for leads on matcha fiends are, well, us. Or our competitors. We wish them well in their business but we don’t plan on furnishing them with customers


Any information we collect about customers browsing and buying habits is used to improve the www.koyumatcha website and the products and services offered to our customers. It also assists us with the detection and prevention of fraud. We will collect information from you when opening your account and processing your orders.


We will automatically collect information such as your browser IP address to make shopping with us easier, for example, remembering your log-in details. We will use cookies (electronic tags) to monitor your browsing and buying habits on our site, for example, which pages are visited, and whether they are purchased from.


Information we hold about you is securely stored electronically. When you open an account with us, your details are encrypted, and remain so every time you purchase from us. Personal information is encrypted to protect against fraud. Callers to our Customer Services will be subject to a security check, while online customers will require a log-in and password to access their account. Our courier service will have selected access to your details for delivery purposes only.