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“Matcha The Ultimate green tea.”



Matcha is a powdered form of green tea produced and consumed in an entirely different method to regular green tea. This is the source of its amazing nutritional and health qualities.

Only the youngest most nutrient-rich shade-grown leaves are handpicked, steamed and dried before being put through a rigorous selection process to be ground into a fine powder by ultra-precise stone mills to produce the vibrant jade green coloured powder which contains all the goodness of the leaf.

With a tradition stretching back 1000 years as a medicine and aid to meditation, matcha has become one of Japan’s most popular beverages. Now it’s coming to the West as science discovers its amazing health properties as a superfood and consumers discover its delicious taste and versatility.

Why switch?

Find out why switching to matcha from your regular beverage will have you feeling, looking and working better.

What is it?

Matcha is produced through a pains-taking and rigorous process of cultivation, selection and processing

Tea Ceremony

Trace matcha’s origins from the Tang Dynasty, through Tea Cermony to today.



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