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What you need to know.

Though matcha may have astounding health benefits, we first came to know of it as one of Japan’s most popular flavours of beverage and confectionery. Matcha-flavoured cakes, chocolate, muffins, and the sublime green tea ice cream are all big favourites with Japanese consumers. Matcha lattes, smoothies and frappes are staples of Japan’s biggest beverage chains. Matcha is not just the world’s most powerful tea, its one of the greatest food ingredients, whose wonderful taste is matched by its unique versatility.


One word of warning: Matcha is a living food and as such should never be prepared with boiling water. 80 degrees Celsius maximum. 


Matcha Beverages

Matcha is a tea that you can treat like a coffee – lattes, frappes, cappuccinos and espressos are all possible. Its great with fruit too, so you can add it to juices, smoothies and cocktails.More About Beverages




Matcha Confectionery

Wildly popular in Asia, green tea flavoured confectionery sounds unusual to the uninitiated, but once you try these, you’ll want to give a matcha twist to all your favourite recipes.More About Confectionary




Tea ceremony style

The traditional way of preparing matcha stretches back over 1000 years to Sung era China and the tea ceremonies of the earliest Zen Buddhist monks. Matcha at its most essential.Learn More