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What Koyu Matcha can do for you.

Like anybody else, we really appreciate feedback. Luckily, we are getting great reactions on the ground to our product, now we’d like to hear from you. Have you had a positive experience with our products? Would you like to help those who doubt the power of matcha? Please send us in a testimonial if you’ve felt Koyu has had a positive effect on your life. It encourages both us, our customers and those who haven’t yet tried it out


Please send us in a testimonial if you’ve felt Koyu has had a positive effect on your life. It encourages both us, our customers and those who haven’t yet tried it out

What people are saying

“I was already a tea aficionado, I especially like whole leaf loose green and white tea variants, for its taste and health benefits. But was still missing that energy boost that coffee gave me in the morning. But as I wanted to stop drinking coffee (woman, 42, coffee=not good) I was looking for some substitute. I came across Matcha at the health show in the RDS last year. I tasted it, bought a tin and haven’t drunk coffee in the morning since! Feeling much much better. I drink it right after my cereal in the morning and I get a very content and energetic, but without the jitters, feeling afterwards. As you consume the shade-grown pure green tea leaves whole, the health benefits are great, it’s so full of nutrients. And you feel those benefits immediately. Thanks!” Myriam


“I have recently switched from drinking coffee or tea to drinking Matcha, I really like the taste. I also have a cup of Matcha just before I go training, I find it gives me an extra energy boost during my workout.” Daniel, Kildare


“I don’t drink tea or coffee, and on a cold day I found that I really missed a hot drink. I really love the texture and taste and now have two cups a day. I start my day with a cup and I find it really energises me.” Emma, Dublin


“I’ve always drank green leaved tea on and off, apart from the bits I found it good. I became suddenly ill in 2008 and found myself with very low energy. I discovered Matcha at a farmer market in my work place and can honestly say it made a huge difference to my energy levels and over well being. I now drink two cups a day.” Michael, Kildare


“I was pleasently suprised when first taking this product at the volume of energy i received , so goodbye to coffee! This was a new start for me. Just around this time my husband fell ill with pneumonia and he was very lethargic. I recomended he take this green tea, his recovery was amazing and his energy levels were boosted by taking the Koyu matcha green tea, I highly recommend this product.” Bernadette, Dublin


“We bought our first Matcha at the womens world show recently, and both my husband and I are utterly converted. It is a fabulous product and really aids concentration in the morning. The only problem I have is does it come in bigger pots?” Terri, Meath


“Matcha green tea gives me a calmer boost for a number of hours without the regular caffeine side effects. I feel sharper throughout the day and it puts me in much better form. This may sound silly but it’s helping me get through the difficult times of this recession.”Gerard, Dublin


“I personally find the organic ceremonial green tea fantastic, as a student i have just completed my leaving certificate exams and throughout the year i took the tea each morning mixed with orange juice and the results were brilliant! not only did i notice a huge burst of energy but it also helped banish the hunger pains throughout the day and overall i found while taking the tea i didnt eat as much as i usually would. I would strongly recommed the tea to anybody, its outstanding results are endless and you can notice the results within a couple of days.”Aisling, Enniscorthy


“I find Matcha tea an excellent source of energy & vitality. It quenchs the cravings, particularly round 3pm when I most feel like a sugar rush. It also leaves me feeling satisfied & less likely to eat large meals in the evening. My hair, skin & nails have all improved, and as a result of feeling more energetic, Matcha makes me feel more confident about facing difficult tasks.”Abigail, Tralee


“Last year during the winter I had extremely bad problems with my circulation, particularily in my hands. This year I have experienced no such trouble even with the extreme cold we are having at the minute, the only difference this year is the addition of Matcha tea. Sometimes when you try a new product that has such wonderful health claims you wonder if its really having an effect, well I can say for certain Matcha has dramatically improved my circulation, and again i would be delighted to recommend it to anyone.” Ciaran, Dublin