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Get up to 6 hours energy from one cup!

Matcha is not just another type of green tea. It is the ultimate green tea, made from the finest shade-grown leaves stone-ground to a fine powder.


With regular steeped tea, 85-90% of the nutrients of the tea are thrown out with the leaves as most of green teas nutrients are non-soluble.  With matcha, you consume the tea leaves whole, just as in ancient times when tea was a medicine, not a beverage. Your body benefits from all the soluble and non-soluble elements of the tea first hand.


A staple of the martial arts and Zen Buddhishm, matcha is the tea the samurai turned to before battle, because of its long lasting energy boost and its ability to promote a state of relaxed awareness.


This sense of well being is why so many of our customers find matcha becomes essential to their daily routine – it boosts them in a steady manner that keeps them going for anything up to 8 hours from one cup! As a side effect, their desire for alternative sources of short term energy such as coffee or sweets is drastically reduced


If there is a better way to get the whole goodness of the tea leaf, we don’t know of it.


Koyu Matcha has:

  • 10-15 times the nutrients of regular green tea
  • 8 times the beta-carotene of spinach
  • A vast amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals unavailable in steeped teas.
  • Been expertly cultivated by the finest suppliers meeting the highest organic standards
  • Is simply the purest and most potent form of tea you can drink